Friday, February 23, 2007

DeBoer's Outdoor Rooms: Everything Old is New Again

Notes on garden design from the master (drafted in the 1920's):

"There are two ways of looking at a garden -- from the outside and from the inside. . . . Not everybody's idea of a garden is to make a decorated street. Most of us want to feel in a garden at least a semi-privacy. We may not want to have the seclusion our rooms give, but we do like to have our garden so that prying eyes of strangers in the street cannot find the quiet nooks in which we like to hide. "

"And here is the first problem we must decide in designing our grounds. How much shall we give up to public use, so to say, by having it open to the street and helping the appearance of the residence from the street? For those who want a secluded outdoor room this space should be kept as small as possible."

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